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M2-2 XL18 X15 XM42 Not a flamethrower
MSRP $30,000 - $50,000 $3,450 $1,700 $1,099 $500
Manufacturer US Army Throwflame Throwflame Ion Production Team The Boring Co.
Status Antique For Sale For Sale Discontinued Discontinued
Style Backpack Backpack Backpack Handheld Handheld
Flamethrower Specs
Effective Range 80ft (24m) 110ft (33m) 50ft (15m) 25ft (7m) 3ft (1m)
Rate of Fire 30 GPM (114 lpm) 33 GPM (125 lpm) 3.3 GPM (12 lpm) 0.6 GPM (2 lpm) N/A
Fuel Type(s) Diesel/Gasoline/Napalm Diesel/Gasoline/Napalm Diesel/Gasoline/Napalm Gasoline Propane
Fuel Capacity 4 gal (14l) 3.3 gal (11l) 3.3 gal (11l) 0.39 gal (1.5l) 14 oz
Weight 45 lbs (20kgs) 53 lbs (24kgs) 49 lbs (22kgs) 8 lbs (3.6kgs) 8 lbs (3.6kgs)
Napalm Compatible
Propellant Nitrogen CO2 CO2 LiPo battery / fuel pump Propane
Igniter / Pilot Torch Magnesium cartridges Butane Propane Butane Spark
Batteries Required
Corrosion Resistant
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Flamethrower Range Comparison

Flamethrower Range Comparison Chart