Boring Co Flamethrower
Boring Co. Flamethrower

Not A Flamethrower


By: The Boring Company (2018)
Status: Discontinued

A propane torch inside an airsoft gun. It’s truly not a flamethrower. Excellent for toasting marshmallows.


Is it even a flamethrower?

The debate is sizzling on internet forums over whether these devices are actually flamethrowers, which expel burning streams of liquid fuel under pressure, or just blowtorches, which burn flames without the dramatic projections of a flamethrower.

Not-A-Flamethrower Specs

Effective Range3ft (1m)
Napalm CompatibleNo
Fuel Type(s)Propane
Fuel Capacity14 oz
Rate of Fire?
Weight8 lbs (3.6kgs)
Batteries RequiredNo
Igniter / Pilot TorchSpark
Water ProofYes
Corrosion ResistantYes


"The Boring Company's Not-A-Flamethrower is an overpriced joke product by Elon Musk, but there's no denying it's a cool toy to play around with."

How to make the Boring Flamethrower

About the Boring Company

The Boring Co. is a tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk in 2016. In 2018, the company began to engage in a number of marketing promotions and offered several types of promotional merchandise to consumers. To date, these have included hats, bricks, fire extinguishers, and “flamethrowers”. The Boring Company’s “flamethrower” was a blow torch shaped to look like a gun. The sale of the “flamethrower” attracted criticism from politicians and soon after some customs officials said would no allow any items called “flamethrowers”. Elon Musk later announced on Twitter that he would rename them to “Not-A-Flamethrower”. The “Not-A-Flamethrower” is no longer for sale.

Range Comparison

Flamethrower Range Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Boring Company “Not a Flamethrower”?

The Not a Flamethrower was first introduced at a sale price of $500 from the Boring Co. Although they are now discontinued, you can still find them on eBay for $600 – $1,000. 

How far does the Boring Flamethrower shoot?

3 feet / 1 meter 

Is the Boring Company still selling flamethrowers?

No, the flamethrowers are no longer for sale officially. The Boring Company’s flamethrowers sold out on 1/30/2018. 

Are Flamethrowers Legal?

Yes. In the United Sates, flamethrowers are federally unregulated tools and not considered to be a firearm by the ATF. The Boring Company flamethrower is legal in all states except for Maryland. 

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  1. 3 out of 5

    Raymond Wong

    The Boring Company’s Not-A-Flamethrower is an overpriced joke product by Elon Musk, but there’s no denying it’s a cool toy to play around with.

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