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XL18 Wand Green
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XL18 Flamethrower Wand
XL18 Flamethrower Wand Black
XL18 Flamethrower Shooting Range
XL18 Flamethrower Wand

XL18 Flamethrower


By: Throwflame (2018)
Status: In production


You can’t help but smile using the XL-18

“There are no other commercially available flamethrowers that have even half the power. It is a great tool for land management burns, making your friends jealous, and gaining followers on Instagram. If you are looking for a truly unique piece for your collection and you want something military grade the XL-18 delivers.” –Gerhard Maale, Guns America Digest 

XL18 Flamethrower Shooting Range

XL18 Flamethrower Specs

Effective Range110ft (33m)
Napalm CompatibleYes
Fuel Type(s)Diesel/Gasoline/Napalm
Fuel Capacity3.3 gal (11l )
Rate of Fire33 gpm (125 lpm)
Weight53 lbs (24 kgs)
Batteries RequiredNo
Igniter / Pilot TorchButane
Water ProofYes
Corrosion ResistantYes
XL18 Flamethrower Wand
Throwflame XL18 Flamethrower

About Throwflame

Throwflame, Cleveland, OH: Is the oldest flamethrower manufacturer in the US. Throwflame is focused on delivering top-tier flamethrower systems, made by veterans, to customers around the world.

In 2015, Throwflame released the first ever full-sized commercially available flamethrower: the X15. The X15 Flamethrower sends a stream of flaming fuel or napalm up to 50ft.

In 2018, Throwflame has decided to add more fuel to the fire with the XL18 Flamethrower. This flamethrower-on-steroids, shoots over 110 ft and eats up ½ gallon of fuel per second. It is the most powerful flamethrower ever available for purchase by the general public.

  • The XL18 has 10x more firepower than the previous model, the X15
  • Effective firing range of 110ft
  • Napalm compatible
  • ½ gallon per second firing rate

Originally, the XL18 was designed for an international client as a part of a government procurement round. The XL18 is currently being sold, both domestically and internationally, to government agencies and private individuals alike.

XL18 Flamethrower Trailer

How It's Made: The XL18

"Anybody can get any AR-15! but if you really want to go big, you need to Throwflame 🔥! I am happy with my XL 18"
Mark K
"I wanted military grade and i got it. Best 7 seconds of my life. A pressure regulator would be great and the payment an is easy to use . Get one if you are awesome. And while you can."
Daniel B
"The XL 18 is awesome. It is just as much fun to use as it looks in the video. Easy to reload with spare CO2 cylinders. Don’t take too many friends out with you because all your hear is “can I be next?”
Jim H

Range Comparison

Flamethrower Range Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the XL18 flamethrower?

MSRP $3200 from Throwflame.

How far does the XL18 shoot? 

According to Throwflame.com, the XL18 has a maximum range of 110 feet (33.5m). The max distance is achieved with napalm mix and 80% diesel and 20% gasoline mix at 300-400psi. Without the napalm mix, diesel alone can achieve 80ft-90ft range.

Can the XL18 flamethrower use napalm? 

Yes, the X15 is napalm compatible. Throwflame has a Napalm Mix for sale that thickens normal liquid fuels and transforms them into a syrupy consistency. Allowing the fuel to stick to targets and to create a long lasting burn.

Is the XL18 flamethrower legal? 

Flamethrowers are legal in the U.S. and Canada. Maryland is the only state with a flamethrower ban. California law requires a $425 permit for flamethrowers that shoot beyond 10 feet.

How long does the XL18 last? 

The X15 flamethrower has a 3.3 gallon fuel capacity and can continuously fire for 6-7 seconds.  


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