xm42 flamethrower
xm42 flamethrower fire
Original XM42 Flamethrower in Silver

XM42 Flamethrower


By: Ion Production Team (2015)
Status: Discontinued
The XM42 flamethrower is a handheld battery-powered flamethrower with a maximum range of 25 feet. The XM42 is made by Ion Productions Team.


XM42 Flamethrower: The XM42 personal handheld flamethrower was first for sale in 2015 after a successfully funded Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The XM42 flamethrower remained for sale to the public until its discontinuation in 2018. The XM42 flamethrower uses a LiPo battery powered fuel pump to spray streams of gasoline up to 25 feet. 

XM42 Flamethrower Specs

Effective Range 25ft (7m)
Napalm Compatible No
Fuel Type(s) Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 0.39 gal (1.5l)
Rate of Fire 0.6 GPM (2lpm)
Weight 8 lbs (3.6kgs)
Propellant Lipo battery / fuel pump
Batteries Required Yes
Igniter / Pilot Torch Butane
Water Proof No
Corrosion Resistant Yes
Original XM42 Flamethrower in Silver
xm42 flamethrower

About the Ion Productions Team

In March 2015, the ion team created an Indigogo campaign to fund the XM42 flamethrower project. After one year of the XM42 flamethrower being for sale directly to consumers, the ion team signed on with an exclusive distributor for the XM42 flamethrower. Some time later, the distributor was unable to sell off the inventory, built up a surplus and quit buying product from the ion production team. The ion team began to experience cash flow problems and unsuccessfully attempted to secure a loan or sell the company. In 2018 they declared bankruptcy, dissolved the company and issued a warning for customers to dispute any charges with their credit card companies. http://ion-productions.com/

Range Comparison

Flamethrower Range Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a XM42 Flamethrower?

The XM42 Flamethrower was $1,100 from Ion Productions.

How far can XM42 Flamethrower shoot?

25 feet is the maximum range of the XM42.

Can the XM42 use Napalm?

No. Due to the XM42 using a battery powered fuel pump, it does not work with napalm. Using Napalm in the XM42 will cause it to overheat. 

Where is the XM42 flamethrower illegal?

The XM42 flamethrower is illegal in Maryland. It is also illegal in California without a permit. California law requires a $425 permit for flamethrowers that shoot beyond 10 feet.

Is the XM42 flamethrower still for sale?

Ion Productions Team discontinued the XM42 in 2018 when they declared bankruptcy. ion-productions.com

How much fuel can the XM42 hold?

The fuel capacity of the xm42 is 0.39 gallons / 1.5 liters.


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